A veteran was congratulated on his birthday and presented a chapan


Today, Anatoliy Efimovich Pobirskiy, a veteran of Aktobe’s football, celebrated his 84th birthday.

Club’s Chairman of the Board, Sergei Kulenko, said happy birthday to a living legend at Central Stadium and the team’s captain, Adlikhan Tanzharikov, gifted a national Kazakh chapan.

The veteran expressed gratitude to the club’s managment and players for their respect and shared that at night for his birthday, Kazakhstan’s national team gifted him a victory, because Abat Aiymbetov, who used to be our student, excelled there. Also, Pobirskiy blessed Red&White team for the upcoming European Cup matches.

Next, the head coach, Andrei Karpovich, congratulated him and invited to the upcoming play with “Maktaaral”. The meeting ended up on the field with a memorable photo.

Happy birthday once again, Efimovich!