Kairat Imanalin is among the best players of the 2022/23 season


Futsal Association of Kazakhstan conducted a survey to determine the best players and specialists of the past season.

Respondents of the survey were representatives of clubs (head, head coach and captain), as well as FARK staff. A total of 35 futsal specialists. The best player in Kazakhstan determined the 19th time. Total in the questionnaires were the names of seven players. The best player for the third time recognized the 34-year-old player AFC “Kairat” and the national team of Kazakhstan Douglas da Silva Negreiros. He scored 13 points. In second and third place were Brazilian Luan Marcelo of “Ayat” and Dauren Tursagulov of “Kairat”. Both scored seven points.

The record holder for victories is Dinmukhambet Suleimenov and Douglas, who became three times the best players. Alexander Bondarev, Kakau and Chingiz Esenamanov have two wins each.

Results of the poll
“Best Player” for the 2022/23 season.

  1. Douglas (“Kairat”) – 13 points;
    2-3. Luan Marcelo (“Ayat”) – 7;
    2-3. Dauren Tursagulov (“Kairat”) – 7;
  2. Kairat Imanalin (“Aktobe”) – 4;
  3. Azat Valiullin (“Ayat”) – 2;
    6-7. Akhmed Borkhanov (“Astana”) – 1;
    6-7. Kayo Ruiz (“Kairat”) – 1.