Match between Aktobe — Maktaaral will be held in honour of Petr Assylbayev


XIII round of OLIMPBET-Championship will be held in honor of Petr Maulenovich Assylbayev, the “Shakhter” veteran, who is one of the legends of Karaganda football.

Petr Maulenovich is a student of Karaganda’s club and spent his entire career at “Shakhter”, having played more than 300 games for the club.

In 1971, he was called up to the youth team of the USSR. Assylbayev played in the national team at prestigious international tournaments, in which Soviet youth played on equal terms with their peers from Brazil, Argentina, Germany, England, France and other major powers. Assylbayev had played a total of 28 games in the team.

In 1982, he was awarded the honorary title of Master of Sports of the USSR.

Finishing the career of a football player in 1986, Petr Maulenovich worked as a coach in his native club, later serving as a manager, a deputy director and a head of youth football.

Assylbayev also worked as a coach for “Zhetysu”, “Khimik” and “Kokshe”.