Andrei Karpovich: We are looking forward to the start of UECL


Head coach of FC Aktobe commented on the results of the draw of the second qualifying round of UECL.

— Chances are always equal. These are separate matches. We look forward to starting of the UECL. The club has not participated in European competitions for a long time and everyone knows that. After 7 years, we return to the European arena – for us it is exciting and the same time interesting and very responsible. As for the opponents, the only downside is that we are not sure whom we will play in the end with. Torpedo Kutaisi or Sarajevo? These are two different teams in terms of style and philosophy. The Georgian team is more technical and play well with the ball, while Bosnian “Sarajevo” is physically strong and move very well. There will be a lot of fighting, because they have a fairly high qualification. In addition, they perceive the European Cups as an opportunity to earn. This is a very big motivation for them.

Accordingly, it will be interesting to watch their clash from the sidelines. We are already starting to gather information. We have our people there who will share information. There is an understanding for the Georgian and Bosnian championships, but this is all decided in the working process.

In general, I would like to support this trend, which has set the national team of Kazakhstan and showed that nothing is impossible with a good attitude and proper organization. Great desire and commitment will help to achieve great results to meet the challenges. And we do not forget about the championship and continue working. If you assess the draw in general, we got quite interesting and difficult opponents. There are no easy and passable teams.