Andrei Karpovich: Such victories will toughen us up and add to confidence


Head coach of “Aktobe” Andrei Karpovich commented on the match of the 16th round of the Premier League against “Kaisar” (1:0)

Again I will say that the most important task we accomplished – three points. Maybe it sounds trite, but it is so. One goal is enough to win. You see what is happening in the standings, so we are very happy. When you win, you need to be able to be happy and keep a good mood. Now we will calmly prepare for the Conference League match after this difficult, important victory. In this mood, in a good atmosphere, everything is much easier and simpler. Congratulations to the fans, too – there was good support, as usual. In the end we wanted to please them more: we had a goal coming, but unfortunately we didn’t realize a few chances. In general, we are very satisfied, very happy. I would like to thank the guys for their professional attitude to their work – and those who do not play, who play little – we have a very healthy microclimate. Wins like this will toughen us up and add confidence. We are happy with the victory, we move on.

How is Hugo Videmont’s health? Is he injured and how long is he out for?

That’s impossible to say right now. I’m not an MRI or ultrasound to do these things… I don’t think there’s anything serious there. But Ugo’s reaction is understandable: a man returned to the squad – and again an injury. What is the injury connected with? Well, of course, he did not play a lot. There is a training process, there are trainings that he misses because of some complications… I do not think it is a big problem. It just needs time for a little recovery. And so I am confident in Ugo’s iron character – he proved that he is a very important player for us, and he proves it despite certain difficulties with his health. We are winning and he helps the team a lot. I think there is nothing serious there.