Andrija Filipović: We have shown how to fight for Aktobe on the pitch in the second half


FC Aktobe’s forward, Andrija Filipović, commented on the match against FC Ordabasy (2:1)

– There should be a celebration of the city, because we won against the good team Ordabasy. I want to say that they had a good first half, they scored from the standard… But in the second half we came on the pitch and showed what it takes, how to fight for Aktobe. I will not talk about the referees, but we won the match as the one team, with the support of the fans. In the dressing room the coach told us to go on the field for the second half and to press on, to show fight, to play with heart! I did not manage to score, but it is important that we won as the team, with the fans! Thank you all for coming and giving us energy – they are our twelfth player! We have to play the last four games as well. Thanks to the 13 Sector – they are the best fans in Kazakhstan, you just have to come here to feel this vibe! I hope that they will be with us every game until the end.