“Aktobe 2012” is the winner of Yudin’s republican tournament


A republican competition dedicated to the memory of Nikolay Nikolayevich Yudin was held in our city.

Kuanyshbek Uryntayev’s two teams, whose children were born in 2012, at once participated in kids’ tournament, reached the finals and fought among themselves.

The first team from C group won the regional sports school (RYSFS No. 1) in the semi-finals, and the second team from B group defeated FC “Zhastar”.

In the final game of the youth of «Aktobe-2012» won the youth of «Aktobe-2» and became the winners of the competition. Damir Aitnov (best striker) and Mansur Nurmukhametov (best defender) were awarded with nominations from the camp of our youngsters, awarded with gold and silver medals.