Damir Kaiyrbay is the youngest MVP of 2022/23 season


Kazakhstan Futsal Association conducted a survey to determine the best players and specialists of last season. Respondents to the survey were representatives of clubs (manager, head coach and captain), as well as KFA staff – a total of 33 futsal specialists. The best young player in Kazakhstan was determined for the first time. In total, the survey had the names of eight players. The winner is an 18-year-old defender of MFC “Aktobe” Damir Kairbay. In the Kazakhstan Championship he performs since 2021. He was involved in the youth national team of Kazakhstan (U19). Over two seasons in all tournaments for “Aktobe” and the youth national team of Kazakhstan played 53 games and scored 6 goals. He scored 11 points. Just two points behind Ivan Marakhov of “Ayat”. Third and fifth places were shared by Raimbek Zhuma, Alisher Nurin and Alisher Sarsenbayev, who scored 3 points each.

1. Damir Kaiyrbay («Aktobe») – 11 points;
2. Ivan Maakhov («Ayat») – 9;
3-5. Raimbek Zhuma («Caspiy») – 3;
3-5. Alisher Nurin («Baiterek») – 3;
3-5. Alisher Sarsenbayev(«Rakhmet») – 3;
6. Arsen Aliev («Rakhmet») – 2;
7-8. Yegor Nulet («Aktobe») – 1;
7-8. Yegor Shushu («Kairat») – 1.