Yernar Zhalbyrov: This victory is a breath of fresh air


Head coach of youth team commented on the victory over FC Arys (5:1).

— Thank you for the congratulations! Thanks also to the all fans who came to support us today and for the fact that they always believe in us, despite all the difficulties. Yes, our winless streak has been very long, and we needed this victory as a breath of fresh air. There was a lot of talk in terms of psychology. I am grateful to my guys for their efforts. I know that not always everything works out, but the most important thing is that they enjoy the game, and beating such a strong team is worth a lot to them. Victory in the name of Amangali? I would not want to single out anyone. It was a common victory. Of course Islam`s individual actions helped us a lot. I congratulate him on his great return after an injury. Came out, scored three goals. Emphasis on the attack? We always try to play in attacking positions. And for us it is no less important to strengthen the attack in the course of the match, which showed Alisher Kenzhegulov. But the hat-trick Amangali and goal + pass Arystanov only confirms our intention to play only on offense.