JSC «RFC «Aktobe» has established some Rules to make the stay of children and accompanying parents as comfortable and safe as possible.

Signing an application for admission of a child means that you agree with our Rules and are ready to comply with them.


  • Groups are completed according to the age. Group classes are held according to the approved schedule. To obtain a positive learning outcome, it is recommended to attend classes regularly. Permission for the presence of parents in the classroom can only be given by the head of the football center. Parents present at the class should turn on the silent mode on their phones, also should not talk loudly with other parents during the class and distract the coach from the training session. It is strictly forbidden to interfere in the activity and the training process;
  • Children and parents contact on all issues directly with the coach;
  • If a child is ill or has obvious signs of illness, please do not bring him to class in order to avoid infecting other children and inform the coach about this. After a long absence from classes (more than 3 classes) due to illness, parents must provide a certificate from a doctor that the child is healthy;
  • It is necessary to notify the coach in advance of the planned break in classes due to vacation or for other reasons;
  • Please inform us in a timely manner of any change in your contact mobile phone number.

The head of the football center reserves the right to replace the coach in case of illness or forced absence.
In case of systematic non-compliance with the rules of visiting, the head of the football center reserves the right to consider the issue of terminating the opportunity to attend training sessions.


  • Rude attitude towards teammates.
  • Abusive and disrespectful attitude of parents towards the personality of the coach and the Club management.
  • Failure by students to pass control and transfer exams at the end of the season.
  • Systematic late or missed training sessions more than 5 times within three months without warning the coach or the head of the football center, as well as for health reasons.