Sergei Kulenko is the new Chairman of the Board of FC «Aktobe»


Sergei Petrovich Kulenko has been officially appointed as the new Chairman of the Board of the Joint-Stock Company “Regional Football Club “Aktobe”.

At a meeting for journalists, held in the club’s press room, the head of the department of physical culture and sports of the Aktobe region, Evgeny Goncharov, introduced the new chairman and shared his biography.

56-year-old Kulenko was born in the Martuk district of Aktobe region. He graduated «Aktobe Pedagogical Institute» with a degree in Physical Education. In 1985-1987 he played as a professional football player for «Aktyubinets» (now «Aktobe»). Later he worked as a director of the Central Stadium in Aktobe and as a Deputy Chairman of the Board of FC «Aktobe». At the beginning of 2000s, he moved to Russia and actively participated in the formation of FC «Arsenal» from Tula. He also worked as a Deputy Director for Development, Commerce and Marketing of FC «Kaluga» and headed the «National Student Football League» (NSFL) in Moscow. Our congrats to Sergei Petrovich on his return to his native land and best wishes to conquest of new heights with Aktobe!