Andrei Karpovich: The team should not play like that. There was no desire to win


FC Aktobe’s head coach has commented on the match against FC Okzhetpes (1:1)

– It was two different halves. The first half was ugly from our side. The team should not play like that. There was no desire to win. We made substitutions, talked at half-time and added a little bit to the game. I would like to thank the fans. Every match we play like at home, so thank them very much for that.

– Why did you replaced Kybyray?

– He asked to do so, because he felt unwell. There was a little bit time to the end, it would not change anything.

– Filipović is not as effective on the wing as he is in the centre.

– Filipović needs space to run behind defenders. We have a very good working relationship. He played in Atyrau because of desperation. This is not his main position. We all know that he can score. He needs space to run in and score.

– There are rumours of your appointment at Elimai.

– There will be rumors, but I am focused on my work in Aktobe now. I understand that the fans want more. Semei is my homeland. I grew up there, but it does not mean that I will work there. We need to bring the business with Aktobe to the end and we need to sit down and talk. At the end of the season there are always such talks.

– The club has previously worked actively in the transfer market. Are there any agreements with players?

– No, there are not. Everything about the future is unknown.